About Us

Family_08-22-16-4We are Jeff and Erin Faulds, high school sweethearts that are now a husband and wife photography team. We specialize in wedding, portrait, and sports photography. Being active and in the outdoors is a big part of our lives along with our friends, family, and daughter Hannah. We love to spend our time with family and friends, camping, cycling, skiing, and boating. We document these adventures with a camera in hand at all times.

Jeff’s love for photography has organically grown over the years.  He started out photographing his buddies on their cycling trips and got hooked on photography. He loves the challenge of capturing a moment in a photograph that tells a bigger story. As his passion for photography grew, he started documenting family events and family photos for friends. As he shared more of his work, the word spread and it has become much more than just a hobby. He shot his first wedding for family and this is when Erin was recruited to help out. Erin loves to be creative and work with people. She enjoyed the experience. She is personable and loves working with people to find the best poses. That is how we got started and we have just run with it from there. We always try to evolve by finding new and creative ways to improve our work.


Family_08-22-16-2Life is full of special moments that you want to remember and cherish. We want to be there to capture all that emotion and provide you with stunning photos. Being someone’s wedding photographer is more than just being the guy with the camera snapping photos. We are a part of a special moment in your life and follow you throughout your day. We love the excitement and happiness that you see in a couple that is getting married and we enjoy being a part of excitement. The same goes for many of life’s special moments whether it is a new baby, engagement, anniversary, birthday, special event, or big game. These moments are so very special and this is what inspires us to find new and creative ways to capture all the feelings to be remembered for always.